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About Albatros Media Foundation 

The world’s most pressing problems require more than just a few passionate people.
Albatros Media Foundation’s mission is to increase awareness at a global scale of the most critical social, environmental, and cultural issues in Latin America and the Caribbean in order to create momentum for real sustainable development and reform. 

Through stunning visuals and story telling, we foster connections for people from all sectors of society by exposing them to critical concerns in ways that will touch their hearts and motivate them to make positive changes. 

Our Reason 

Latin America and the Caribbean boast of extraordinary natural beauty and resources. The region’s forests, rivers, wetlands and seas provide a myriad of goods and services that are the basis for national, regional and global economies, local livelihoods and cultural development. Giving existing and emerging threats and pressures, these riches require protection more than ever. Albatros Media Foundation is working to inspire the masses to be agents of change for vital issues that affect this area’s natural and cultural wealth and, in turn, the world. 

Our Method 

We specialize in producing high-quality, award-winning documentaries and video programming in high-definition, as well as large-format photography and print materials. Supported by philanthropic partners, Albatros Media Foundation distributes these campaigns around the world free of charge to the public, providing millions of people the chance to connect with and experience key environmental and cultural issues. 

Our Work

Since its establishment in 2003, the work of Albatros Media Foundation has gained international recognition for innovation, quality, and excellence in scientific, educational, and entertaining programming, earning awards at the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, the Environmental Film Summit at the 16th Conference of the Parties of U.N. Climate Change Conference in Mexico, and the Telenatura IX International Television Festival in Spain, among many others. The thread that binds all of Albatros’s work is the vital but fragile tie between people, culture, land, and waters and the importance of preserving them all. 

Our Partners 

Through a network of broadcast, satellite, and cable television, as well as through universities and schools and internet-based channels, Albatros Media Foundation is pioneering a new model of free public distribution of high-quality programming that aims to shine a spotlight on challenging issues and inspiring a movement for change. We are also fortunate enough to enjoy partnerships with various foundations, companies, governments, international agencies, and private individuals from around the world. 

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